The Hollywood future of crime scene analysis

Have we reached the point where technology is so advanced, it’s getting harder to tell what is real and what is simply the imagination of Hollywood?

Not quite, but the scenes from "Robocop" in this Technique Critique video from WIRED Magazine shows us one potential future of laser scanning technology, which is now the industry standard for major crime scene documentation. In the video, crime scene analyst Matthew Steiner walks viewers through how today's investigators use 3D scanning technology, like the FARO® Focus, to document crime and crash scenes. Check out the video: 

Laser Scanners allow us to revisit the crime scene as it was at the time of the investigation, enabling investigators to capture the scene as if it were frozen at a moment in time. By digitally recreating entire crime scenes, we can do more detailed evidence review, create courtroom presentations and help train a new generation of investigators.

Our Senior Applications Engineer, Alina Burroughs, puts it best: "As time moves on and new information is gained, we can now go back, measure, or place ourselves in the data to corroborate or refute new information."

Not quite Robocop, but crime-solving just the same. 

Check out more resources about our Laser Scanners, or learn more about all of our Public Safety solutions. 

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