[TECHSHEET] FARO LMC-3 Embedded Laser Controller

December 2, 2019

Pluggable Module with the Most Powerful Remote API in Beam Steering

The FARO® LMC-3 is the next generation plug-and-play LEC controller board, delivering the high accuracy and resolution for laser processing applications. A compact, completely integrated Ethernet-based controller system for galvanometer based laser scanning systems, the FARO LMC-3 eliminates the need for local computer control and is ideal for automation environments.

The LMC-3 control board works seamlessly with FARO’s WinLase® Laser Process Software, offering OEMs, system integrators, and manufacturers high-speed performance and accuracy for beam steering applications.

The LMC-3 is designed to take on many different output configurations and can offer a footprint compatible upgrade path for existing customers or a convenient starting point for new customers.

For existing customers, the LMC-3 can be configured with a LEC form factor baseboard for fast, nondisruptive integration. For advanced OEMs, the LMC-3 reference board design is a fully customizable solution allowing design engineers the ability to integrate the LMC-3 into their own motherboard. 

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