[TECHSHEET] FARO Cobalt Array Imager

January 16, 2018

Automated 3D Measurement Smart Scanner

The FARO® Cobalt Array Imager is a non-contact scanner which utilizes blue light technology to capture millions of high-resolution 3D coordinate measurements in seconds. Cobalt delivers fast and consistent measurements for dimensional inspection and reverse engineering applications on parts, assemblies and tools. The Cobalt Imager is equipped with dedicated on-board processors for ultra-fast data analysis – an industry first. 

Cobalt can easily be set in multi-imager array configurations which expand the 3D scan area to deliver rapid, automated and comprehensive inspection of larger or more complex parts. The Cobalt delivers actionable data that can be displayed as a simple go/no-go result or an easy-to-read dimensional deviation color map. An unlimited number of 3D imagers can be placed in array configurations virtually anywhere in a manufacturing process – all scanning simultaneously and controlled by a single computer. Cobalt is versatile – supporting a wide variety of deployment options including multi-imager array, tripod, rotary table, robot and industrial inspection cells.

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