Reconstructing the Scene: Software Solutions Transform Courtroom 3D Presentations

December 8, 2020

Every day around the world, tens of thousands of incidents occur involving cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians. From winding two-lane country roads, to cul-de-sac strewn suburban streets, to high-speed highways, the tens of millions of miles of roadway asphalt can be deadly.

When a crash occurs, often someone (or something) is at fault. A driver may not have seen a bicyclist; a truck driver didn’t brake fast enough or didn’t account for strong crosswinds. Ther could be unforeseen mechanical failures. And poor weather conditions, be it ice, rain, and snow– or an unwelcomed combination of all three –can wreak havoc on road safety. Sometimes all it takes is a perfect summer day with a low morning or evening sun and a few seemingly minor negligent actions that can lead to tragedy. Often it is in these scenarios that lawsuits are filed. Some of those lawsuits, about 5 percent, end up in court.

And when they do, it is the job of crash reconstruction experts to help jurors understand what took place. Read this case study to learn how the latest 3D technology helps bring these scenes to life.




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