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January 7, 2019

BuildIT Construction Software

Construction sites are becoming remote factories in need of build and verify solutions. Historically, the tolerance level for scrap and rework has been very high because it's considered part of the normal business - until now.

FARO® BuildIT Construction is the first fully integrated building lifecycle quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) management tool empowering construction professionals to continuously evaluate projects with real-time comparisons against CAD designs using 3D scan data.

Key Features

What's New With 2019

Complete Tank Analysis Package
Laser Projector Data Preparation
Enhanced FARO Laser Scan Import
Workflow Efficiency Improvements

Validation to Design

Guarantee that buildings and structures are being constructed to design specifications:

  • Verify accuracy of scan data to design models
  • Detect incorrect placement or missing features such as walls, columns, beams, pipes, etc.

Tolerance Evaluation

Preserve and accelerate the project schedule while reducing scrap, time and resources:

  • Perform important measurements accurately and quickly
  • Inspect construction for adherence to building standards (Floor Flatness/Floor Levelness, Beam Camber, Cut & Fill Volume, Wall Plumbness, Tank Deformation and Volume Analysis)

Position & Monitor

Establish liability documentation, risk mitigation and quality prefabrication:

  • Verify shifts and movements within structural performance over time with 4D analysis
  • Perform real-time monitoring of adjacent structures throughout the project lifecycle

Use the feature to the right to download a free trial today and discover how BuildIT Construction 2019 can help with your project’s QA/QC.

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