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November 12, 2019

FARO® As-Built Modeler Software enables AEC professionals to extract building information, such as CAD and BIM geometry, out of 3D reality capture data to be used within any CAD system available on the market, even those that do not support point clouds.

Users benefit from the fastest and most direct way of displaying, managing and evaluating point cloud projects of unlimited size, independent of their source. The software’s powerful and easy-to-use functionalities accelerate overall design productivity through seamless workflows to create highly accurate CAD models that fit perfectly into the as-built situation, avoiding the need for rework.


Key Features

  • Freely import as-built reality capture data as point clouds and meshes from FARO and other scanning solutions without any constraints in data size
  • Directly stream measurements and coordinates into Word, Excel and supported CAD systems allowing AEC professionals to continue using their preferred design tools
  • Easily extract planar regions of complex geometries out of point clouds to be intersected into proven and closed surface models
  • Create video renderings and fly-through videos from the imported and modeled data, providing an impressive visualization of the project status

Use the feature to the right or below to download a free trial today and discover how As-Built Modeler can help you model site scan data.

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