December 11, 2018

FARO SCENE Software Laser-HDRFARO® SCENE is an intuitive and efficient software for scan data processing, registration and management. Quickly and conveniently generate high-quality, accurate scan views in full color for 3D capture, design, documentation and analysis.

Key Features

Efficient Data Processing

  • Process scans in real time while on site
  • Automatically search for artificial (spheres, checkerboards, coded markers) or natural (corner points, planes, etc.) references
  • Use standard filters including dark points, stray points or the optional Edge Artifact filter for additional noise reduction

Easy Scan Registration

  • Place scans automatically using multiple registration methods: detect targets, cloud-to-cloud or top view
  • Improve results through intelligent fine registration and additive verification
  • Register scans in real time while on site

Intuitive Data Organization

  • Hierarchical project data structure with history management and unlimited scan bundling
  • Graphical project view to manage all existing scan projects
  • Generate printable registration reports (PDF)

Explore Scan Data in 2D, 3D and Virtual Reality (VR)

FARO Scene Construction Software

  • View and explore scan data in unmatched clarity with solid surface rendering and HDR colorization
  • Use the optional Virtual Reality view and tools

Plug-Ins and Apps for Extended Functionality

  • Share projects securely online with the SCENE WebShare Cloud service
  • Provide projects with an integrated viewer to clients and other stakeholders using the SCENE2go App
  • Add on additional capabilities using FARO or 3rd party apps from the 3D App Store

Use the feature to the right to download a free trial today and discover how SCENE can help you process and manage scan data.

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