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December 11, 2018

FARO® Zone 3D Software is the only comprehensive public safety and forensic solution for investigators and reconstructionists to easily and confidently document, present and analyze a case. It is a reliable and essential tool to create stunning visuals and walk-throughs that give impressive results for incident reconstructions, pre-incident plans and courtroom presentations.

What’s New

Do-it-yourself VR Training Scenarios
  • Turn any crime, crash or fire scene into a realistic 3D training scenario
  • Build your scene and add evidence for students to collect
  • Allow students to explore the realistic scene in virtual reality. They can take measurements and photos, look behind doors, collect evidence and capture fingerprints and DNA
  • Check out the Onboard VR Help System in FARO Zone 3D for assistance using VR features while in VR mode
Visuals and Tools
  • Smoother graphics and more realistic lighting with preset options
  • 4K monitor support and high-resolution imaging
  • Attach bullet trajectories to bodies
  • Customizable 704 placards
  • Curb Builder tool to quickly create street curbs and sidewalks

Key Features

Virtually Any Measurement Source

  • Use aerial maps from Google®, Bing® or Pictometry® to obtain accurate measurements
  • Bring in manual measurements, data from total stations and point cloud data from laser scanners and drones
  • Standard Vehicle Specifications Database provides vehicle measurements
  • Import crash data from event data recorder (EDR), PC Crash, Virtual Crash and HVE

Accurate 2D and 3D Diagramming

  • Essential tools for 2D and 3D diagramming
  • Seamless toggle between 2D and 3D views
  • Show measurements, add text and use visual grips for fast editing
  • Pose bodies in 3D with complete control to match the scene

Access to Millions of 3D Models

  • Includes thousands of pre-drawn 2D and 3D symbols for crash, crime and fire scenes
  • Easily import 10 million additional 3D models, from free, online sources

Easy and Accurate Animations

  • Create realistic crash animations in seconds with spinning tires and articulation
  • Animate crush, set multiple sync points, adjust camera position, change the playback speed and adjust the vehicle’s yaw, pitch or roll
  • Animate human motion using stop-action or fluid motion techniques

Powerful Analysis Tools

  • Security tools to analyze and document sites with security rings and a camera 3D viewer
  • Crash reconstruction tools for crush, in-line and 360 momentum, speed from skids and critical speed yaw
  • Slope calculator and profile report for roads or other contours
  • Bullet trajectory analysis with complete adjustment to the plane of impact
  • Blood spatter analysis to estimate area of origin from a photograph
  • EDR Dashboards to sync event data with reconstruction animation
  • Time/Distance/Velocity tools for 'what if' scenarios

Use the feature to the right to download a free trial of FARO Zone 3D today to discover how easy it is to document and reconstruct scenes with accuracy and clarity.

Need to view a FARO Zone file? Try our free FARO Zone viewer.

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