[TECHSHEET] Cobalt Design Structured Light Scanner

July 16, 2019

Digitization just got easier with the most versatile stationary 3D scanner

The FARO® Cobalt Design Structured Light Scanner family offers the broadest 3D data capture capabilities for acquiring complex shapes with detailed textures and color. The non-contact 3D scanners are user-friendly and provide precision with an exceptional level of detail. The structured light scanning technology uses projected light patterns with a camera system to capture large areas at once, reducing data capture time for quicker results. Paired with the automated turntable for 360º coverage, they are an affordable yet flexible 3D scanning solution to capture anything from small to medium intricate geometries.

Highly reliable and easy-to-use, Cobalt Design Scanners acquire measurement data from the full field of view (FOV) simultaneously to speed up workflows in product development and visualization. The versatility, measurement volume and accuracy make these Structured Light Scanners the ideal tools for Product Design, Computer Graphics, Education, Research and Digitization.

Cobalt Design Scanners are offered in multiple configurations to support a broad range of applications. Offered in both a single and dual series, Cobalt Design Scanners are ideal for small, intricately shaped objects and are available in different mounting variations. The single series provides a defined viewing range to optimize for specific application requirements. The dual series offers scalable flexibility by providing a second measuring volume to support varying object sizes. These versatile scanners are the most affordable and user-friendly 3D capture solutions for enhanced design and digitization.

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