FARO RevEng 2020: A “Revved Up” User Experience

Taking a big leap forward in advanced software solutions, the latest release of FARO® RevEng™ 2020 combines its signature powerful mesh editing tools with enhanced ease-of-use, flexibility and improved workflows!


With RevEng 2020, you can quickly capture 3D point clouds or import from standard formats, generate a high quality mesh, perform edits with advanced mesh editing tools, generate any freeform surface with a few clicks directly on the mesh and export to a CAD file.

Key Features

  • New User Interface: Intuitive ribbon menus, a streamlined design for all user levels and undo/redo with full history

  • Point Cloud: Ability to capture with FARO ScanArms + 8-axis with color or import from any point cloud format

  • Advanced Mesh Editing: With automatic mesh fixing, advanced repair/adjustment tools and enhanced smoothing and fitting

  • Export Watertight Meshes: With advanced hole filling and simplification tools, generation of offsets and shells and exporting, ready for 3D printing

  • New NURBS Sketch Tool: Generates a NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline) surface in just a few clicks, flexible control point placement and easily exportable to STEP file format


Combined with FARO’s portfolio of 3D scanning products, users are able to easily capture and edit meshes in color to create the perfect model or CAD-ready file.

Data ranging from high-resolution color point clouds to simple mesh files can be transformed into detailed meshes, providing more insight into the design, composition and visual differentiation between materials and textures. RevEng’s intuitive user interface visually displays all the tools within a single screen. This facilitates the easy manipulation and customization of a 3D object to meet specific design requirements, improving workflow productivity to provide users with a competitive advantage.

Click here to download a free trial today and see how RevEng will save time in your 3D capture and mesh process.

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