February 4, 2020

FARO® SCENE WebShare Cloud is a hosted subscription service that allows high-precision 3D reality data to be stored, viewed, evaluated and shared with authorized persons anywhere and anytime using a web browser. This service delivers powerful, easy-to-use functionalities, accelerating overall productivity by providing immediate access to the latest reality data for all project partners without using data storage on a local server or shipping a physical media device. SCENE WebShare Cloud ensures collaborators operate with identical and up-to-date information, streamlining communication, project decisions and site rework.

What's New with SCENE WebShare Cloud 2.11

  • Point cloud download functionality
  • AEC management platform integration
  • Open workflows for 3D reality data
  • Data visualization, evaluation and sharing 

Key Features

Point cloud download functionality

The new export functionality enables more time-saving workflows by allowing sections and entire projects to be downloaded as 3D point clouds or high-resolution panoramic images, supporting all common industry standard formats such as RCP, POD, XYZ and E57 for direct use with Autodesk® and Bentley Pointools portfolio.

AEC management platform integration

Integrate directly into Autodesk BIM 360™ or Nemetschek’s Bimplus platform to manage reality data together with the corresponding BIM data from within your preferred construction management platform.

Open workflows for 3D reality data

Upload 3D reality data in high resolution from any source without constraints in data size. Sources can include data captured by terrestrial laser scanners, handheld scanners, drones, mobile scanning systems and photogrammetry devices from FARO, as well as other scanning solution providers.

Data visualization, evaluation & sharing 

Display data in 3D, virtual reality and panoramic scan viewing modes to ensure impressive visualization and easy orientation even within the most complex projects, all from directly in the browser. Advanced tools allow users to take, edit and share measurements, add annotations, organize data using categories and reference tags or to add links to external data sources like Dropbox and Box Data Storage. 

Request a personalized web demo today and discover how SCENE WebShare Cloud can help you collaborate more effectively on your scan data.

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