Is "close" good enough for horseshoes?

May 1, 2019

When it comes to making horseshoes, the phrase “Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades” is just not true. A precisely manufactured horseshoe is vital when it comes to horse health and, of course, when it’s time to win the (horse) race.

When Mustad, the world’s largest supplier of hoofcare products, sought to upgrade from using traditional methods of forging and inspecting horseshoes, they turned to FARO® Technologies for solutions.

Using previous methods, they were unable to consistently evaluate tolerance specifications and precision requirements, nor were they able to quickly and accurately inspect the complex geometries of required tooling for the forging process. 

Adopting a FaroArm® paired with a Laser Line Probe (LLP) for a complete contact/non-contact solution of the FARO ScanArm enabled Mustad to cut wasted resources, but not corners.

“…The FARO ScanArm assisted us in evaluating our consumable tooling… The information gathered from the color maps gave us insight into how different materials are holding-up in production. From this information we changed our process, which resulted in a 12-month payback on the system…” – Joshua Hagy, Engineering Manager, Mustad Hoofcare Group

Significantly, Mustad:

  • Reduced measurement/inspection time by more than 75%
  • Reduced scrap and rework time by more than 50%
  • Leveraged these time savings into higher productivity and new business opportunities
  • Recognized a return on investment in less than a year

Here's how Mustad ranked the performance of the FARO ScanArm after assessing the competition:

Mustad is known for providing superior hoofcare products, and when it comes to protecting that legacy, the accuracy, repeatability, portability and measurement speed of their FARO solution are game-changers in helping them remain the front runner of their industry.

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