[TECHSHEET] FARO Digi-Cube Digital Scan Head

March 29, 2018

Self-tuning laser scan head with technologically advanced digital processor control

The FARO® Digi-Cube Digital Scan Head is designed for easy OEM integration and plug-and-play replacement of existing analog scan heads, simplifying installation and compatibility issues. Using the standard XY2-100 communication protocol, the Digi-Cube has industry standard mechanical bolt patterns, power and communication pinouts, and comes in a wide range of mirror coatings and lenses. The Self-Tuning Technology automatically compensates for mechanical wear, extending service life and eliminating the issue of traditional analog servo filters.

Using the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to rapidly compute and predict the exact drive impulses required to achieve small mirror movements with the fastest possible acceleration, the Digi-Cube offers an impressive 1000 impressions per second. Detailed self-diagnosis and system check determine the operating parameters of the individual galvos, ensuring accuracy and precise, error-free laser marking positioning; analog models need complicated manual recalibration after prolonged use. The Digi-Cube offers improved 50% to 100% speed performance when marking time is limited to galvo performance, rather than laser power. 

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