[TECHSHEET] FARO BuildIT Projector

August 22, 2018

Increase Productivity and Quality with Accurate, Laser-Guided Assembly and Production

FARO® BuildIT Projector Software is the world’s most complete Imaging Laser Projector software. Built on the popular BuildIT Metrology platform that has been serving manufacturers for over 20 years, BuildIT Projector features a modern and intuitive interface to generate, plan, and operate imaging laser projection and verification workflows.

BuildIT Projector enables the powerful and industry-unique features of the FARO TracerSI Imaging Laser Projector, including In-Process Verification and Feature-Based Alignment. These features make the TracerSI the world’s only all-in-one solution for laser-assisted templating and verification.

BuildIT Projector has two components:

  • BuildIT Projector Planner enables manufacturing engineers to set up laser templating and verification routines including sequencing, part placement, and verification.
  • BuildIT Projector Operator is the software that the assemblers use during their workflows.

Create and Run Templating and Verification Workflows

Part Positioning, Assembly & Validation

Placing a part is quick and easy: project the edges of the part and adjust the part location until its edges line up with the laser lines. Once projection plans are placed in the right sequence, operators can follow the assembly workflow and place parts with confidence.

In-Process Verification

At each step and/or when the assembly is completed, the user can verify the correct placement of each part to ensure correct positioning and check the presence and/or absence of features. In-Process Verification (IPV) can also perform Foreign Object Debris (FOD) checks.

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