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Learn about the 8-Axis ScanArm, a tool to save time & money [webinar]

July 24, 2020

The FARO® 8-Axis ScanArm represents the ultimate in portable precision measurement. Join FARO UK for this engaging webinar as we walk viewers through product specifications and real-world use examples. This webinar shows you the key benefits of adopting this intuitive and easy-to-use device:

  • Save time and money by performing in-process part inspection
  • Detect part issues as they occur without reliance on a traditional CMM
  • 8-Axis makes inspecting larger parts easier, faster and with no accuracy loss 
  • Share data seamlessly without the need for paper drawings and filing cabinets
  • Compare the actual part direct to the CAD model, email the report and automatically save to a PC or server

Say goodbye to calipers, micrometers and bulky, expensive CMMs. Instead, gain the confidence in knowledge that what you’ve measured is accurate the first time and significantly reduce scrap and re work costs. Lightweight and highly portable, the 8-Axis ScanArm can work with objects up to 100kg on its rotating plate which enables uninterrupted data capture.

Scan the most demanding geometries made from the most difficult materials. No matter the object in question, the ScanArm provides unmatched speed and accuracy in a compact solution.

The webinar concludes with a several minute question and answer session where the presenter explores additional product details and use scenarios as queries arise.

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