Laser scanning brings new asset to accident investigations

June 3, 2009

CASE STUDY:  Improving Time, Speed, Accuracy and More During Accident Investigations

Laser Scanning technology - such as the FARO® Focus Laser Scanner - is revolutionizing many aspects of surveying and applied measurement, but it’s been especially game changing in forensics and accident investigation. The main strengths of scanning — speed, safety, accuracy, comprehensiveness, and the ability to return to the same data set and make new observations — serve forensic engineers especially well. Money is also a factor: when so much is riding on a court case, the extra costs associated with adopting new technology don’t seem so overwhelming.

Companies that have been doing forensic work for years are finding that laser scanning enables them to complete investigations faster, and more thoroughly. And, as the popularity of laser scanning continues to grow in the field of forensics, service providers who originally acquired scanners to complete traditional surveys and inspections are carving their own niche in the industry. Regardless of forensics expertise, veterans and rookies of this specialized field are discovering that just having access to a scanner positions them ahead of the competition when bidding for new jobs.

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