[UPDATE] ScanPlan 2D Handheld Mapper for AEC professionals

April 2, 2019

Today, April 2, 2019, we have announced a firmware update to the FARO® ScanPlan™ 2D Handheld Mapper to meet the workflows of AEC professionals.

The lightweight, 2D handheld mapper used to quickly and easily capture floor plans now has features designed specifically to help AEC save time and money in the fast and accurate scanning of sites and/or buildings.

Dive into the details


  • Create more accurate quotations in less time
  • Automatically calculates best laser scanner position based on recorded 2D map
  • Info includes size of building, plus number and positions of single scans
  • Provides comprehensive coverage of scan site and fast overview of situation

Scan Localizer1

  • Facilitates pre-placement of individual scans, especially when missing scan overlaps impeded proper registration of 3D scans
  • 3D scans already pre-positioned to simplify and accelerate registration in FARO SCENE software

DXF File Export

  • Allows direct usage of the captured 2D map in the customer's target application
  • Data usable in any CAD system for further modelling without additional conversion

PanoCam/Virtual Reality (VR) Functionality

  • PanoCam provides panorama images, localized in the floor plan, to get a 360° overview of the captured area
  • Get immediate access to data after export into SCENE WebShare Cloud
  • Export functionality to the Present4D VR Suite allows for VR image experience, readily available in just minutes without additional effort

Click to explore all that ScanPlan can do for AEC professionals


1 Localizer functionality requires FARO Focus M/S with firmware 6.4 or higher

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