[INTRODUCING] Fast– easy – photorealistic 3D data capture for public safety: FARO Freestyle 2

Today FARO® is excited to announce the release of its most advanced handheld 3D forensic scanner: Freestyle 2. Ideal for investigators and reconstructionists who require fast and complete scene documentation, Freestyle 2 provides immediate real-time visualizations with photorealistic reality capture capabilities. The result is unmatched confidence that what is captured is accurate while offering unparalleled access to even the most confined spaces.


  • Fastest on-site digitizing solution on the market
  • Ultra-responsive real-time display with on-site data review available
  • First handheld 3D scanner with a high degree of flexibility- scan anywhere and in most conditions

Versatile and lightweight, Freestyle 2 can scan distances ranging from 0.4m to 10m or from small discrete objects at a crime scene investigation to entire vehicles (interior and exterior) as well as interior scenes. This is all made possible by the scanner’s infrared laser, which projects a 100 x 100 grid of invisible dots onto the target and is interpreted by two cameras built into the device’s T-shaped extremities. When used in conjunction with the color capture camera, all work in concert to create photorealistic images in real time. Combined with a proprietary tracking engine that enables users to make natural movements while scanning, the handheld device is easy to use even for untrained operators.

Intuitive design in an all-in-one solution

Designed for normally illuminated interiors and outdoor spaces (10,000-45,000 lux), including overcast conditions, Freestyle 2 is also capable of generating usable data even in complete darkness. Thus, documenting scenes has never been easier. In addition, the device’s one-hand operation leaves the operator’s other hand free to open doors, balance or brace themself against objects for a better, more stable capturing angle and provides the ultimate on-scene flexibility to reach in, under, and around objects. Plus, haptic feedback alerts the operator when adjustments are required to the user’s scanning technique to ensure the highest quality data is always being captured.

As a fully self-contained solution, with Freestyle 2 there is no bulky computer to worry about, no tablet to carry, no annual calibration, and no long cables to trip over or interfere with your shot. Eliminating these restrictions provides for easier completion of white balance calculations as well as on-site compensation.  The device also features a training mode that generates a live display of data capture quality along with integrated training videos.

Interested to learn more?

Explore the details in the interactive scan below!

Crushed vehicle by FARO® Technologies on Sketchfab

  • Dive into the specs and details in the Freestyle 2 techsheet HERE
  • Want to see it live? Submit a short and simple request for a personalized, virtual demo and discover how Freestyle 2 could enhance your on-scene reconstruction capabilities! HERE
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