IAAI 2019: Highlights from the conference for fire investigation professionals

April 5, 2019

2019 IAAI International Training Conference & Expo(IAAI-ITC)| Jacksonville, FL | April 14-19

The International Association of Arson Investigation (IAAI), the global leader in fire investigation training, hosted their annual conference right in FARO® HQ's backyard this year - Jacksonville, FL!

This event brought fire investigators, insurance claims adjusters, scientists, attorneys and engineers together to participate in expert discussions and programs specific to fire claims, fire investigation, research and legal aspects, as well as build their personal contacts and resource network.


What were some of the highlights of the show?

[Game-Changer] The future of fire & explosion forensic investigations

There's new technology "sparking" the interest of fire and explosion forensic investigators. While traditional methods are manual, time-consuming and limited to scene conditions, the latest tools are dramatically improving efficiency on all fronts.

Even with the challenges of outdoor scenes, where it's critical to know what pieces went in which direction and how far, the technology showcased at IAAI-ITC will allow investigators to:




[NEW] Easily & quickly document pre-incident, pre-fire planning & inspection procedures per NFPA 1620 Standards

With new groundbreaking technology, it is now possible to document floor plans as quick as you can walk. Take photos of areas of interest and create 2D floor plans, complete with industry standard symbols for fire and insurance.

See why some think this is the best equipment they ever used for diagramming:


Want to learn more about the latest tech?

See all the material we have on fire and explosion technology at the links below:

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