Large part inspection with FARO Laser Tracker

February 13, 2014

Large-scale measurements are a common requirement in many industries such as aerospace or heavy equipment manufacturing. Using a FARO® Laser Tracker, measurements are performed by positioning a retroreflector on the surface which reflects the laser beam back to the tracker. Measurement results can be generated as reports and sent via e-mail to ensure every part is manufactured to exact specifications.

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Non-contact inspection with FARO ScanArm
Non-contact inspection with FARO ScanArm

Fragile, complex and free-form surfaces can be captured as a detailed 3D point cloud using the FARO ScanArm...

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In-process inspection with the FaroArm
In-process inspection with the FaroArm

With a portable measurement device like the FaroArm, parts can be measured directly on the production floor...


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