Traceable Construction: FARO’s ecosystem for an informed construction lifecycle

March 13, 2019

Whilst many think of BIM as a 3D model of a building, it’s better to think of it as the process of ‘Building an Information Model’ or dataset that is used from project conception, through to operation, reuse and demolition.

Typically, this information will be delivered as documents, graphical models and non-graphical information. The combined project dataset will be formed of information contributions by a range of designers, builders, product manufacturers, asset operators and facility managers along the way and will increase in its ‘completeness’ throughout the asset’s life as a virtual representation of it.

This publication looks at FARO®’s contribution to this wider process at numerous stages through the introduction of their ‘Traceable Construction’ concept. It is the ecosystem of products and solutions that FARO offers to leverage the benefits of measured data throughout the various stages.

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