[TECHSHEET] FARO 8-Axis Quantum S FaroArm

August 7, 2018

The Global Standard for 3D Measurement Arm Technology

The FARO® 8-Axis QuantumS FaroArm® is the most innovative portable coordinate measuring machine (PCMM). Seamlessly integrating a QuantumS FaroArm with an eighth-axis, it’s the world’s only eight-axis portable metrology solution. QuantumS is the first Arm to meet the new and most rigorous ISO 10360-12:2016 international measurement quality standard for articulated arms. It sets a new industry benchmark and extends FARO’s tradition of maximum measurement consistency and reliability in every working environment. 

Perfectly suited for high accuracy measurement tasks, QuantumS is the most intuitive, ergonomic and accurate FaroArm ever delivered, helping manufacturers meet their most demanding quality specifications on parts and assemblies. Additionally, the QuantumS delivers market-leading portability and ergonomics along with 3D laser scanning when combined with the optically-superior FAROBlu™ Laser Line Probe or 3D color scanning when used with the FARO PRIZM™ Laser Line Probe. 

The measurement speed and ergonomics of the 8-Axis QuantumS are taken to an even greater level with the eighth-axis, enabling rotation of what is being measured in real-time – meaning no difficulty reaching around the object, and no need to move the Arm into different locations within the process. This eliminates wasted time and offers an easy-to-use measurement solution that allows users to focus on the actual measurement and not on the measurement processes.

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