[NEW] FARO Gage: Affordability, speed & performance for small & medium-sized businesses

June 16, 2020

FARO® Launches Latest 3D Portable Gage CMM: FARO Gage Boasts Unmatched Affordability, Speed, Performance and Accuracy Ideal for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Today we announced the release of our most affordable and accurate 3D portable coordinate measurement machine (CMM): The FARO Gage. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses performing high-accuracy tasks, the Gage is the most intuitive, ergonomic, and versatile articulated portable FaroArm®, enabling machine shops to perform their most demanding 3D inspections in record time.

This all-in-one-solution also reduces calibration costs and minimizes clutter, replacing traditional hand tools such as calipers, micrometers, and height gauges, while providing 20 percent more reach than the previous-generation Gage arm. Lightweight and portable but with the precision of a lab instrument and the ruggedness of a shop floor device, the Gage sets up in seconds, reduces inspection time, and delivers quality results with exceptional flexibility, resulting in increased speed and productivity.

The FARO Gage improves efficiency and productivity like never before. That efficiency begins with setup. A universal quick-mount ensures compatibility with a variety of mounting options that allows it to be set it up anywhere, including on-machine. A simple 2-button design, 6-point articulation and built-in counterbalance deliver exceptional ease of use and fatigue-free operation. Its compact design makes the product lightweight and easy to transport. The Gage is compatible with FARO’s full line of metrology software, including CAM2 Probing, the simple contact measurement solution. The result is an advanced metrology device that delivers unparalleled performance.


Watch this video to see the Gage in action:



Interested in more details?

  • Dive into the specs and details in the FARO Gage tech sheet HERE
  • Want to see it live? Submit a short and simple request for a personalized, virtual demo and discover how the Gage could elevate your inspection to a new level! HERE
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