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September 12, 2018

For AEC professionals who want to accelerate their project schedule and minimize waste, FARO® BuildIT Construction 2018.5 allows them to continuously evaluate as-built data against the CAD-model using highly-accurate 3D scan data. The 2018.5 version offers a more seamless and speedy user experience, from first-person navigation to faster rendering to importing BIM from Revit.

New BuildIT Construction 2018.5 helps you:

  • Detect incorrect placement and fix errors quickly.
  • Evaluate tolerances by performing measurements accurately and inspecting for adherence to building standards.
  • Mitigate risk through monitoring shifts or changes in the building or adjacent buildings over time.

Improved User Experience

BuildIT Construction first person view

Get your work done quickly and easily by shifting into first-person navigation. Walk through the construction site like you’re there for more intuitive inspection. Rendering speed is increased up to double to allow you to move through the 3D model as quickly as possible. The software is also now available in Portuguese, in addition to Spanish.

New Tolerance Evaluations

One of the helpful new features of BuildIT Construction is tank volume computation, which will create a report of the fill volumes of the tank at specified height intervals. You can also now compute volume and perform topographical analysis on vertical surfaces, allowing users to calculate fill volumes near foundations.

Powerful Importing Tools

BuildIT Construction now integrates with your entire BIM lifecycle, importing native BIM from Revit and IFC. You can compare your 3D laser scan of as-built conditions directly to your BIM, updating your scans throughout your construction project. FARO Focus Laser Scanner data will import seamlessly, because BuildIT Construction uses FARO SCENE’s registration algorithms.

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What's new with BuildIT Construction 2018.5
What's new with BuildIT Construction 2018.5

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