Capture floor plans in a heartbeat with ScanPlan

September 5, 2018

Introducing FARO® ScanPlan — a handheld solution for fast 2D floor plan mapping.

Capture. Process. Deliver.

FARO ScanPlan is a lightweight, handheld mapper that enables Public Safety & Security Professionals to quickly and easily capture and visualize 2D floor plans for pre-incident planning, threat assessment and crime/fire investigations.

How It Works – The ScanPlan Process

1. Capture floor plans in real time with the FARO ScanPlan handheld device.

2. Process floor plans into 2D diagrams easily using FARO Zone software.

3. Deliver plans in compatible formats for instant access and viewing.

A process that used to take hours can now be completed in just minutes.

  • Walk through the building/scene
  • Add notes and photographs
  • Capture floor plans  on multiple levels
  • Take measurements
  • View photos
  • Add pre-drawn symbols
  •  create finished 2D or 3D diagrams

Learn more about the features of ScanPlan and see how you can get a FREE personalized demo. 

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ScanPlan is an innovative, handheld mapping device that enables you to measure and document 2D floor plans ...

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Tutorial - How to use the FARO ScanPlan
Tutorial - How to use the FARO ScanPlan

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