Powerful court-accepted 3D presentations

July 30, 2019

See how you can create a stunning fly-through of any crime scene in just a few steps. FARO® makes it easy to present your case in court and share your findings in a visual and powerful way to judges, juries and attorneys.

  1. Leverage Onsite Technology: Capture the scene in 3D (in this case, scanned with a FARO FocusS 350 Laser Scanner). Use the FARO Freestyle3D Handheld Laser Scanner to capture more details or quickly fill in areas.

  2. Combine & Share Data: Bring your data into FARO SCENE Software to combine your scans into a single accurate and navigable 3D representation. Create a secure and shareable file that can be viewed with the free SCENE 2go app.

  3. Analyze & Create Scenarios: Finish your analysis with FARO Zone 3D Software. Bring in photos and reports, place bodies, calculate bullet trajectories, perform blood spatter analysis and more with this comprehensive forensic software.

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See the Freestyle 2 in action

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