3 ways to use ScanPlan & Focus for efficient scene capture

Laser Scanner owners know the FARO® Focus helps capture an exact replica of a scene in 3D. But, did you know it can be paired with the FARO ScanPlan™ 2D Handheld Mapper to make scene documentation even more efficient?

ScanPlan offers 2D floorplans as fast as you can walk, and when paired with the Focus, it offers so much more.

Check out 3 ways the ScanPlan can be used in conjunction with the FARO Focus Laser Scanner.

#1. Scan the relevant areas with your FARO Focus and use the ScanPlan to document surrounding areas

If you have a scene to document in a building, one of the main decisions to make is if you scan the entire building in 3D or limit it to the area of main interest.

Each scene is unique and has its own sets of challenges. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer, but one option to consider is to scan the main areas of the scene in 3D and use the ScanPlan to document the surrounding area in 2D. The information from the ScanPlan can be used for future diagrams, analysis and presentation of the scene. With the ScanPlan, you can also capture photos or 360° images of other areas quickly and easily without having to scan the entire complex in 3D. 

See the example below of a crime scene in a hotel room scanned with the Focus and the other levels and areas mapped and photographed with the ScanPlan.

#2. Get complete coverage with automatic, smart Focus Laser Scanner placement

Want to be 100% confident in your Laser Scanner placement to avoid gaps in your scanning? Ever wonder where to correctly place your Laser Scanner to ensure you have an adequate overlap for a smooth scene registration? 

The Scan Assist Mode on the ScanPlan can generate an interactive report showing the ideal scanning location. You can also adjust locations to avoid areas with critical evidence. As an added bonus, scan positions will highlight on the map when you are near, and icons will be marked as complete once the scan in that location is done, making scanning large or complex areas much more efficient. See the video below to see this feature in action.

#3. Use the ScanPlan to streamline your registration process

Not only can the ScanPlan be one of the fastest ways to get a 2D of the building and intelligently suggest 3D scanning location for optimal results, but it can also quickly and automatically register scans when they are imported into FARO SCENE Software by providing scans with a unified coordinate system. This helps reduce substantial time in the office.


The ScanPlan 2D Handheld Mapper paired with your Focus Laser Scanner can make capturing a scene more efficient, leaving you with more positive results.

  • Efficiently document areas surrounding the scene
  • Save time with recommended 3D Laser Scanner placements for optimal coverage
  • Automatically register scans for streamline processing
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