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December 11, 2018

FARO® Zone 3D Software is the only comprehensive public safety and forensic solution for investigators and reconstructionists to easily and confidently document, present and analyze a case. It is a reliable and essential tool to create stunning visuals and walk-throughs that give impressive results for incident reconstructions, pre-incident plans and courtroom presentations.

What’s New

FARO Zone 3D Standard 2021 is full of new and improved tools that enable investigators to complete expert forensic analyses and present their results in compelling ways:

  • Zone 2go – New presentation tool makes it easy to display 360º views of any scene, including FARO Zone models, measurements, animations, and reports. No internet is required, so Zone 2go is ideal for court!
  • Easier EDR import to automatically create crash animations with speed and accuracy
  • Updated vehicle specifications database provides more vehicles and details
  • Now analyze cast-off blood stains with the Blood Pattern Analysis tool
  • New track bullets through multiple surfaces with Bullet Trajectory Markers
  • 3D Roof Builder easily completes any 3D building

In addition, FARO Zone 3D Advanced 2021 has these exciting new features for point cloud users:

  • Register scan data captured with a FARO FocusS laser scanner into a 3D point cloud of the scene
  • Merge and align multiple point clouds into one scene, such as combining data captured with a drone and a laser scanner
  • Advanced rendering adds a photo-realistic look to materials, such as metal, stone, brick, wood, water, and more.
  • Improved visuals for point clouds, including multiple source lighting, shadows, and reflections

Key Features

Virtually Any Measurement Source

  • Use aerial maps from Google®, Bing® or Pictometry® to obtain accurate measurements
  • Bring in manual measurements, data from total stations and point cloud data from laser scanners and drones
  • Standard Vehicle Specifications Database provides vehicle measurements
  • Import crash data from event data recorder (EDR), PC Crash, Virtual Crash and HVE

Accurate 2D and 3D Diagramming

  • Essential tools for 2D and 3D diagramming
  • Seamless toggle between 2D and 3D views
  • Show measurements, add text and use visual grips for fast editing
  • Pose bodies in 3D with complete control to match the scene

Access to Millions of 3D Models

  • Includes thousands of pre-drawn 2D and 3D symbols for crash, crime and fire scenes
  • Easily import 10 million additional 3D models, from free, online sources

Easy and Accurate Animations

  • Create realistic crash animations in seconds with spinning tires and articulation
  • Animate crush, set multiple sync points, adjust camera position, change the playback speed and adjust the vehicle’s yaw, pitch or roll
  • Animate human motion using stop-action or fluid motion techniques

Powerful Analysis Tools

  • Security tools to analyze and document sites with security rings and a camera 3D viewer
  • Crash reconstruction tools for crush, in-line and 360 momentum, speed from skids and critical speed yaw
  • Slope calculator and profile report for roads or other contours
  • Bullet trajectory analysis with complete adjustment to the plane of impact
  • Blood spatter analysis to estimate area of origin from a photograph
  • EDR Dashboards to sync event data with reconstruction animation
  • Time/Distance/Velocity tools for 'what if' scenarios

Use the feature to the right to download a free trial of FARO Zone 3D today to discover how easy it is to document and reconstruct scenes with accuracy and clarity.

Need to view a FARO Zone file? Try our free FARO Zone viewer.

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