[TECHSHEET] FARO Tracer SI Imaging Laser Projector

August 22, 2018

Advanced 3D Laser Imaging System for Guided Assembly and In-Process Verification

FARO® TracerSI Imaging Laser Projector represents a first-of-its-kind advanced laser imager and high-accuracy projection system, with superior scanning capabilities throughout its entire projection volume. The combination of high-contrast imaging, accurate and repeatable projection, and powerful yet easy-to-use BuildIT Projector software establishes a new industry standard for repeatable laser-guided assembly.

Going beyond virtual templating and positioning, TracerSI enables targetless, Feature-Based Alignment and In-Process Verification (IPV). The system accurately projects CAD-based laser images onto any surface, providing operators with an intuitive and virtual sequencing solution to outline parts, artifacts or areas of interest. In addition, FARO’s proprietary IPV technology can scan assembled or placed components to ensure conformance and proper positioning, while detecting errors in real time. As a result, non-conforming parts and assemblies can be identified and fixed immediately, allowing manufacturers to save costs. 

With FARO’s advanced TracerSI platform, users can now project and inspect with a single system for a powerful and extremely cost-effective solution.

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