February 2, 2019

The Most Intuitive and Efficient Software for Scan Data Processing and Registration

FARO® SCENE software is specifically designed for all Focus and third-party laser scanners. Process and manage scan data efficiently and easily by using real-time, on-site registration, automatic object recognition, scan registration and positioning. Generate high-quality data in full color quickly and conveniently by incorporating images from automated targetless and target-based scan positioning. 

Users can begin the evaluation and processing immediately by performing simple measurements, creating stunning 3D visualizations or exporting to various point cloud and CAD formats once SCENE has prepared the scan data. In addition, SCENE features an impressive Virtual Reality (VR) View, allowing users to experience and evaluate captured data in the VR environment.

This software serves various applications including architecture, engineering and construction, surveying, public safety and forensics, reverse engineering for product design and virtual effects for movies, games, etc.

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Mapping a building with a FARO ScanPlan

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