July 21, 2020

The all-new FARO® Swift is the first fully-integrated indoor mobile mapping system designed to accomplish large-area as-built capturing tasks with minimal time and effort. As an extension of FARO’s renowned Focus 3D Laser Scanners, Swift provides the most accurate measurements wherever needed – providing better data, faster.

As its name implies, Swift is fast – capable of capturing large and complex areas in as little as 10 minutes. While already the most accurate mobile 3D laser scanning system for large areas, Swift is also capable of taking stationary scans with unmatched detail.

Swift is a lightweight, highly portable device unequaled in its versatility, and combines the FARO Focus Laser Scanner with a FARO ScanPlan 2D mapper and FARO’s revolutionary SCENE mobile laser scanning software. Not only does Swift provide its users with a superior 3D mobile laser scanning system, the stationary option allows users to have well-known FARO Focus accuracy wherever clarity and precision is needed.

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With FARO As-Built Software, CAD & BIM modeling has never been easier [brochure]
With FARO As-Built Software, CAD & BIM modeling has never been easier [brochure]

FARO As-Built Software solutions are innovative and profitable tools for complete and efficient conversion ...


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