Live presentations at SPAR3D & AEC Next - 3D reality capture for AEC

May 7, 2019

Booth #419 | Anaheim Convention Center | Anaheim, CA | May 21-23

SPAR3D Expo & Conference is the premier international event for the commercial application of 3D technologies focused on 3D sensing, 3D processing and 3D visualization tools. From sensing with drones, mobile rigs and hand-held devices, to using augmented reality and virtual reality, everything 3D is here at the only vendor-neutral, industry-agnostic event in the market.

AEC Next Technology Expo & Conference is North America’s leading vendor-neutral tradeshow and conference focusing on the implementation and integration of built world technology spanning the entire project life-cycle. Exhibitors offer hardware, software and services, emerging technology and building/construction products complementing a comprehensive education program.

FARO® is proud to be an exhibitor demonstrating the most advanced technology to address today’s imminent issues and needs.

Live, 15-minute presentations 5x a day, every day

We invite you to booth #419 to attend our live presentations that will help you learn how to maximize the acquisition and application of data at every point of the building lifecycle.

At the booth we will introduce Traceable Construction™ — solutions designed to accelerate processes, reduce project costs and waste and enable higher added value for the operation and maintenance of buildings, plants, facilities and project sites.

 10:00 AM  Best Practices: Onsite Registration Techniques  
 11:00 AM  FARO ScanPlan™ for Facility Management
2:00 PM  3D Laser Projection for Construction Prefabrication
3:00 PM  Best Practices: Laser Scanning for ASTM Floor Flatness
4:00 PM  SCENE WebShare: Point Cloud Project Management


Featured at the Booth (#5218):
Discover the ScanPlan 2D Mapper for AEC applications

Watch to see how the FARO ScanPlan 2D Handheld Mapper is used for various AEC applications, including 2D as-built documentation, visual inspection and 3D scan job planning.

Want to learn more about ScanPlan?
CLICK HERE to see more content on it's applications for AEC.


As-Built Modeling and Design Software

Scan-to-BIM design software to plan and design in the context of reality:

FARO As-Built™ for AutoCAD® Software ensures a traceable conversion of the scanning measurement data into the BIM design systems for planning and design of your plant and facility based on the as-built conditions.

It allows fast and efficient creation of 2D-, 3D- and BIM models, that matches to the constraints of the design system and the tolerances of the stakeholders. Fully integrated into the major Autodesk Building design systems, As-Built modelling workflows can be quickly mastered and profitably applied to the daily business.

Want to learn more about As-Built for AutoCAD?
CLICK HERE to see all types of content and access a FREE trial of the software.


BuildIT Construction Software

With BuildIT Construction Software, engineers and facility managers can confidently verify tanks that are within design specifications during initial install or retrofitting, thanks to the complete tank analysis report.

With several tools created to calculate tank deformations, owners and inspectors can analyze various horizontal and vertical tanks to determine deviations, calculate real volumes and quickly detect critical issues on-site at the building or plant.

Want to learn more about BuildIT Construction?
CLICK HERE to see all types of content and access a FREE trial of the software.
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