[TECHSHEET] FARO 8-Axis Design ScanArm 2.0

August 7, 2018

3D Measurement and Design Arm for Unmatched Workflow Efficiency with Continuous 3D Scanning Data Capture

The FARO® 8-Axis Design ScanArm 2.0 is an integrated remote axis, portable 3D scanning solution tailored for 3D modeling, reverse engineering and CAD-based design applications across the product lifecycle management (PLM) process.

By  combining FARO’s best-in-class 3D scanning technology with powerful 3D design and modeling software, the Design ScanArm 2.0  provides a turnkey solution that allows users to quickly and easily digitize any part or object, design or modify reverse engineered parts, create manufacturing-ready CAD models, and verify design intent of prototype products.

The 8-Axis Design ScanArm 2.0 allows for faster 3D data capture paired with an unprecedented ergonomic experience. The eighth-axis enables real-time rotation of the object being scanned – eliminating the requirements to reach around the object and to move the ScanArm into different locations to measure the part. This eliminates wasted time, reduces risk to delicate objects, and supports more complete scan output.

This is the ideal solution for any organization that may have the need to manufacture parts without existing CAD models, develop aftermarket products that need to fit tightly with existing products, reverse engineer legacy parts for design changes or replacement, create digital libraries to decrease inventory and warehouse costs, design aesthetically pleasing, freeform surfaces, or leverage the power of rapid prototyping.

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