Using BuildIT with your iPod, iPad or iPhone without the internet

February 12, 2013 BuildIT

Imagine: You’re alone on the job using your laser tracker to measure a large part, such as an airplane fuselage or a machinery roll in a paper mill. Your computer is set up close to the laser tracker and power supply. You climb the scaffolding to access the feature you want to measure and start measuring using your 4-button remote. After a few thousand samples, something happens. Maybe you lift the SMR by accident because there is little bump on the surface.  Maybe you want to verify the settings, or you would like to view the previewed cylinder. 

Whatever the case may be, it means that you must climb back down and return to your laptop in order to accomplish the task.  This is a common enough scenario.  Wouldn’t it be better to be able to manipulate your metrology software without leaving your part? Here at BuildIT, we recommend iTeleport to remote access your metrology software securely.

Using BuildIT with iTeleport on the iPhone

iTeleport is a great app for the iPod, iPad and/or iPhone which allows you to create a secure local connection with your computer – without sending information over the internet.  It uses the wifi capability of your laptop (or any wifi enabled computer) to connect remotely, and is relatively easy to implement.  On the shop floor this means increased productivity and time savings while working with a laser tracker or other portable CMM.

Essentially, this app will allow you to use your iPod/iPad/iPhone like a 4-button remote to measure, accept and cancel without ever leaving your part.  Unlike a regular remote control, though, it also allows you to access all of your software’s features.  This means that you can easily verify settings, manipulate and edit your model, and perform various other functions without having to return to your computer.  We have also found that the app’s hotkeys work very well with BuildIT, allowing you to easily use the native F1 – F12 key shortcuts, as well as the keyboard for full functionality.

Have you ever had a situation where remote computer access would have been a huge time-saver?  Do you already use a method of remotely controlling your metrology software on the shop floor?  Let us know in the comments!

Let’s take look at how to set up the local wifi connection, and how to use the iTeleport app with BuildIT:

What you need

  • Wifi-enabled computer (laptop or desktop)iPod, iPad or iPhone (it must be an Apple device for this App)
  • iTeleport App
  • BuildIT (download a free trial to the right)
  • Permission from your IT department (recommended)

The Setup

  1. Download and install iTeleport Connect for Windows (
  2. Follow the instructions to create an “Ad-hoc” connection (i.e. wireless connection between your laptop and iPod/iPad/iPhone)
    1. We like to use the WEP 5-character password secured connection
    2. Connect in iTeleport on the laptop
    3. Go into the Advanced Settings and check the “No Internet Access” option

  1. Close the Advanced Settings window and click Connect
  2. Connect your iPod/iPad/iPhone to the wireless network created by the laptop
    1. You should be able to connect using the “Discovered” method in the iTeleport app on the iPod.
    2. If you cannot connect using this method, you can try the “Manual” method, in which you will enter the IP address of your laptop.
      1. To find the IP address on your laptop: go to Start > Run and type “cmd”.  In the black DOS command prompt window, type “ipconfig”.  The IP address should be shown in this format: 188.254.311.22

Using iTeleport with BuildIT

Easily access Shift, Ctrl, Alt and Windows in iTeleport

Quick access to the F-key shortcuts commonly used in BuildIT

Edit text easily with the full keyboard

iTeleport is available in the App Store

Learn more about iTeleport’s features, or read up on the technical specs.

Disclaimer: BuildIT is in no way associated with iTeleport or Apple.

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