JMA: a must-see metrology conference

June 27, 2017 BuildIT


JMA: a must-see metrology conferenceIn any case, holding an event of this caliber isn’t easy, let alone running it smoothly with a relaxed atmosphere. Kudos to Marie-Eve Breton and her team for their admirable organization of this year’s event.

There was a lot to take away from the conference. Here’s what you missed:

  • Workshops: A few workshops were set up and organized so that attendees could cycle through every workshop with around 20 minutes allotted to each individual one. They were a genuinely great way to see and learn about what products are out there. The choice of location was superb because ÉNA’s labs were available nearby, which lent themselves to live demos.

Creaform's Workshop

  • Industry Trends: While there was a lot of talk on GD&T (with thorough explanations on misconceptions), the most noteworthy trend was automation. In a continuous effort to minimize inspection costs & errors, and having measurement equipment and software at a mature and accessible stage, automating inspection workflows is a viable solution. A rapid growth in automated inspection is expected in the short term.
  • Results of Antoine Tahan’s R&R study: Launched at JMA in 2012, Antoine had compiled and analyzed the submitted inspection reports. This year he shared his findings and to summarize in just a few words: Good parts have low variance; bad parts have high variance. Of course, that doesn’t do justice to the presentation – you had to be there.
  • Networking: The opportunity to gain valuable info from knowledgeable people and network with key people in the industry is undeniable. The metrology gurus invited discussion and welcomed questions. At the conference, attendees were able to meet with people from companies such as Pratt & Whitney or Alcoa (amongst others) who live and breathe metrology.

If you are local and in the metrology industry, we would recommend attending the next JMA conference. You don’t have to be in aerospace. It’s valuable to anyone in the manufacturing industry and we would love to see you in person!

Also, congrats to our researcher Onat Ekinci on his presentation on software optimization for GD&T analysis for underconstrained DRF! Those of us who were at JMA enjoyed it.

Onat Ekinci giving a presentation

The JMA conference was held Tuesday, June 13, 2017 at the ÉNA, and was very successful both in organization and in attendance. With about 120 attendees the time flew by despite the fair amount of time that was dedicated to booths! Hopefully we got to speak with all those who wanted to know more about us. As software providers, we have found a lot of value in the exposure we received from being represented at JMA. We would have liked to see an even greater diversity of companies, particularly from Hexagon and FARO.

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