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January 2, 2013 BuildIT

BuildIT has a long and rich history of providing advanced metrology solutions.  In searching through our archive, we found a very rare 1912 edition of Build!IT nestled in amidst the planimeters and drafting machines, and we would like to share our discovery of this then cutting-edge solution with you today.

Now and Then

While the technology surrounding metrology has grown in leaps and bounds, the basics haven’t changed all that much in the past 100 years.  Build!IT 1912* still shares a lot of common ground with our latest version Build!IT 3.2.5**.  Join us as we take a stroll down memory lane, and take a look at Build!IT 1912 Edition:

State-of-the-art security measures:

Congratulations! You are now the new owner of a very rare and unique copy of Build!IT 1912 Edition. Back in 1912, way before Build!IT was a leader in Metrology Software (in fact way before software and computers even existed), Build!IT was already a renowned and powerful product for metrologists. To open and discover the tools provided by Build!IT 1912 Edition, use your personal key to open the Build!IT security dongle.

Fashion-forward packaging:

The case

Inside, various metrology tools

With quality instructions and how-to's:

Build!IT 1912 Edition
Modern and Complete Metrology Tools for Aircraft and Other Machineries
4999, St- Catherine West ST.
Westmount, Province of Quebec
Canadian Dominion

A variety of tools for every use:

Draw Circle Tool
Evaluate Perpendicularity Tool
Bug Repellent
Measure Angle Tool
Measuring Tool
Advanced Measure Tool

Use the “Measure” Tool to measure any distance. Supports both imperial and metric units.
Use the “Measure Angle” Tool to measure any angle. Conveniently convert any angle to its complementary.
Use the “Evaluate Perpendicularity” Tool to inspect normal planes.
Use the “Draw Circle” Tool to add either circles or arcs to your model.
Build!IT provides unequaled security for your data thanks to the “Security Dongle” Tool.
Our most Advanced Measurement Tool ever!!
– can be used remotely
-support for large dimensions (up to 8 meters)
– reports both imperial and metric units
– no battery or energy source required
– water-proof, fire-resistant, sun-resistant, jam-resistant

And of course, our very effective bug removal methods:

Bug Repellent
Get rid of any bug with just one spray
100% natural
Ingredients: water, engineer sweat, patience

Build!IT 1912 also had glowing customer testimonials from leading innovators in the field, similar to the ones you can find on our website today:

“While our first flying machines were made using paper as the main material, the future of this new industry is wood. Using Build!IT to measure and inspect our new flying machines helped us to build solid aircraft capable to fly for miles and more.”
-The Wright brothers
“Grace a Build!IT, j’ai pu construire ma nouvelle generation d’aeronefs capables de voler de Paris a Londres. L’industrie de l’aeronautique sera le moteur du progres du XXe siecle.”
-Louis Bleriot
“Using Build!IT 1887 Edition for my project for a iron tower in Paris had been a success. The new Build!IT 1912 Edition is much more efficient and helped my company to validate the construction of iron bridges all around the world.”
-Gustave Eiffel
“With our state-of-art new model T, we brought automobiles to a mass market product. Using Build!IT 1912 Edition was a key factor in the chain of production.”
-Henry Ford

Thank you everyone for a lovely 2012, and best wishes for 2013!

*Not a real product, with no historical value or accuracy.  All facts regarding the 1912 edition of Build!IT are purely fictitious and cannot actually be considered facts. Special thanks goes out to Stephane, for all the work he put into Build!IT 1912 for our humorous holiday gift exchange!

**Totally real.

Image filters courtesy of pixlr-o-matic by Autodesk

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