Building your first process: getting started with AutomateIT

May 19, 2015 BuildIT

AutomateIT is BuildIT’s process automation tool that enables you to record and reproduce any repetitive process. It gives you the ability to create dynamic workflow templates that range from adding a device to generating reports, and helps to reduce training time and errors.

Here are a few things that you need to know before starting to use AutomateIT:


First, you can record any part of your repetitive task easily while you’re doing an inspection. To start recording, you can access the Record button either through the Automate menu or by clicking the icon directly in the Process tab of your control panel. As you click either of these buttons, a “Save as” window will pop up.  We recommend that you save your processes in the Automate folder to start, which will keep them accessible from the Automate menu.



Once you have indicated where the process will be saved, everything you do will be recorded, from changing the active coordinate system to putting a point in No Show. As for the measurement commands, you will notice that the command headers are now in red, which indicates that you are currently recording.

A nice feature to help guide users through a process is the ability to display a specific view when they need to take a measurement, indicating where on the part they should be taking those measurements. When recording the process, the views are recorded at the moment you accept a measurement, making the best time to set the view to the ideal angle immediately before clicking accept.


As you proceed through your workflow, you can have a look at what steps were recorded in your process by checking the Process tab next to the Manager and Command tabs. If the Process tab isn’t visible, you can show it by using the shortcut Shift+F5.

Once you are done your workflow, you can stop recording by either clicking Stop in the process tab or in the Automate menu.

Now you can simply repeat the task by selecting Play Process, which will play the whole process, or Play By Step, which will play one step at a time.

You are also able to work on your process after the fact through the editor by clicking the Edit button and opening your .process file.


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