What's new with BuildIT Projector 2019.5

August 23, 2019

FARO® BuildIT Projector 2019.5 offers valuable new features to improve and simplify laser projection workflows. The net result of these features is faster, more streamlined workflows which minimize the potential for operator errors. The new features offer the greatest benefits in composites and ply lay-up applications and can also be leveraged for other applications including welding and assembly.


Data entry is fast and error-free when barcodes are used. Combined with automation, Barcode Scanning loads the right projection plan for the right tool and part every time. BuildIT Projector 2019.5 also includes a demo model to allow users to try out Barcode Scanning.


The Layers Instruction field accepts both text and images, which can both be displayed in the viewport.


For traceability, User Login has been added so that when a user marks a layer as complete, their name will be tagged to it in the report.


When a projection plan consists of layers that must be projected in a specific sequence, administrators can provide guardrails to their operators:

  • They can turn on “Enforce Sequence”, which prevents an operator from moving to Next Layer without marking the current layer as Complete.
  • They can disable parts of the user interface, such as the ability to delete an item.
  • Projection can be disabled if the alignment fails to meet the requirements. (Levels 0-2)

These guardrails apply to operators only, such that when a supervisor or administrator logs in, these restrictions can be lifted.


For critical steps in a workflow that require supervisor verification, Add Visual Verification to Plan prevents users from moving to the next step without the login of a user with the right permission level.


For projection plans that require that the operator pauses for a minimum amount of time, such as the consolidation step of a ply layup, planners can add “Timeout” which will lock the user out for the required amount of time.


Reports show the time spent on every step in the projection plan. This gives managers added visibility on productivity.

Extra time may be spent at any step due to a variety of possible interruptions, which need to be taken into account in the Elapsed Time. Whenever an operator pauses the projection or is idle for too long after a Timeout, they will be presented with a list of reasons. The idle time and the reason for the interruption are logged and shown in the report.


At any point in a projection plan, an operator can add a note via the Add Note To Layer command. The note appears in the layer properties and will also be shown in the report.

The projection planner can also require a note from the operator at specific points in the projection plan by adding a "Note Request".


All of the improvements listed above have changed the report so that reports now include the username of the person who marked a layer as complete, the timestamp of layer completion, the time elapsed per layer, the interruption reasons and the notes.

In-Process Verification (IPV) scans from the FARO TracerSI Laser Projector are still shown at the end of the report; however, the scan is also shown in BuildIT when the mouse hovers the verification step in the projection plan.

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