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December 9, 2018

FARO® BuildIT Metrology is a versatile inspection software that enables quick and easy dimensional verification of manufactured parts and assemblies. The powerful process automation capabilities and configurable interface are valuable tools to simplify workflows and increase productivity.


What's New with BuildIT Metrology 2020

  • The new thickness or clearance analysis finds and compares all measurements to their opposing measurements and creates a color map of the material, or empty space, between them. This analysis is perfect for validating thin-walled parts.
  • As measurements are collected on the required elements, the deviation color mapping and GD&T annotations automatically update to reflect the actual part under inspection, without any user intervention.
  • Evaluate GD&T tolerances using the ISO-1101 standards, in addition to the already-supported ASME Y14.5 standard.
  • Define surface deviation and cross-section analyses, as well as surface and point inspection annotations, before inspection using the nominal geometry loaded from CAD, then save them in the base model to be used as template files for repeat inspections.
  • Workbenches allow users to use simplified menus and toolbars adapted to each part of a workflow and quickly toggle between them.
  • Basic inspection and measurement workflows can now be controlled via a web browser on a mobile device with the new BuildIT Metrology remote control interface.
  • Tablets are now supported for projection workflows with a focus on smoother, more guided alignment processes.
  • Users can define a clipping box to limit the projection to what is inside the box.
  • Improved display rendering of 3D models.

Key Features

Real-time device interface

  • Connect with any industry-standard portable measurement devices
  • Brand agnostic hardware interface
  • Import points from standard point-file formats

CAD-to-part inspection

  • 3D graphical interface
  • Import/export industry standard CAD files
  • Import/export various CAD-neutral formats

GD&T analysis

  • Read embedded GD&T (PMI, FTA, etc.)
  • Apply GD&T to models
  • Select ASME or ISO standard

Configurable automation

  • Record processes as they are performed
  • Advanced automation (variables, loops, etc.)
  • No coding required

Report generation

  • Easily add items to report
  • Use dynamic reporting and report pre-population
  • Configure report layout and sections
  • Export as visual pdf or data file (csv, xlsx, etc.)

Use the feature to the right to download a free trial today and explore how BuildIT Metrology can help save time for your process.

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