CAM2 Software – A new standard for actionable metrology [brochure]

March 5, 2020

FARO® CAM2® Software is a powerful, intuitive and application-focused 3D measurement software platform designed to enable users to efficiently fulfill their quality assurance and inspection tasks. CAM2 has been developed to streamline industrial metrology applications such as dimensional controls, incoming part and first article inspections, part-to-CAD comparisons, assemblies and repeat part measurements.

CAM2 not only allows you to improve and increase the efficiency of your measurement routines; it also provides an effective and smooth correlation between metrology (quality assurance) and production operations, offering a powerful tool to fully control and optimize your manufacturing processes.

Built around customer application needs and designed to streamline your daily measurement operations, CAM2 sets a new standard for actionable metrology via improved ease of use, interactivity, flexibility and generation of targeted, actionable intelligence.

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