MEP training courses with UA

July 10, 2017

FARO® is excited to announce our partnership with the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry for 2017. UA’s training programs are recognized as the very best in the industry and equip their local unions with educational resources, that they may not otherwise have access to, in order to develop the skills of their apprentices and journeypersons.

FARO Training

As part of the FARO and UA partnership, UA trainers attended hands-on training in Lake Mary, FL to receive certification on FARO’s 3D laser scanning solutions for MEP applications. Once certified, UA trainers will return to their local chapters to promote the standardization of 3D laser scanning solutions across all of the union training centers. This training will also be implemented in the annual UA “Train the Trainer” program which occurs every August. This conference, will provide UA members the opportunity to receive certification in FARO Laser Scanning MEP workflows.

Training Feedback

After the week of training, a FARO representative spoke to UA trainers to gather feedback. UA Trainer, Pat Ramirez, said, “During the last few days, we have been shown the details to the training that FARO has developed and can begin to bring our curriculum more in line to the fundamentals your team has put together.  Because our goal at the UA is to develop a standard of training, this means that any member of the UA can feel confident that they received the same training regardless of where they attended.  Also, now that our team has been trained to FARO standards, we have the ability to test & measure the training for certification rather than just familiarizing our members with hardware/software”. FARO is proud to know that this training that has been provided has been extremely beneficial to the UA, and will play a bigger role in the future development of a certification program for UA trainers.

Pat also noted that the competitive price point of its 3D solutions to the UA members contributes to FARO’s industry leading technology over the competition.. Another trainer, Mike Zivanovic stated that FARO’s Laser Scanner touch-screen is user friendly and the scanner itself was much more portable than other scanners on the market.

Why will this partnership be beneficial?

This partnership that is continuing with FARO and UA has created a collaborative effort in the equipment and support provided, but has also created a standardization of the training that will be provided across the UA and to all of its members. Educational training is key, as we know, and we want the knowledge of our product and its workflows to expand into local chapters. Since 2014, the UA has been incorporating Laser Scanning training in their program and has seen a steady growth of contractors buying into the technology and a growing number of union members that are trained in the hardware and software and utilize it in conjunction with their work in projects from general industry to pharmaceutical facilities. This partnership helps the UA by creating a competitive price point for their members and by creating additional certification programs. The partnership helps promote the FARO brand and its 3D laser scanning product portfolio to local UA unions across the country and provides additional training and collaboration for MEP applications.


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