Meet the most powerful 6DoF Laser Tracker portfolio

October 2, 2018

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Today FARO® announces a breakthrough in 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) measurement for large-scale probing that rounds out our laser tracker portfolio to now be the most powerful 6DoF solutions portfolio on the market.

Introducing the new FARO VantageS6 and VantageE6 Laser Trackers with the new FARO 6Probe – a fully integrated, wireless, handheld probe that allows you to easily measure hidden areas (not in direct line-of-sight) and small, hard-to-reach features.


Completely eliminate line-of-sight challenges

With 6Probe, we now have a portfolio of options to completely eliminate line-of-sight challenges for any variety of application needs – big or small, both contact and non-contact – all of which help users meet their most stringent accuracy requirements. Customers can choose from:

  • Our 6DoF Vantage Laser Trackers with 6Probe
  • Our long-range Super 6DoF TrackArm
  • A combination of these for the most complete and flexible contact/non-contact 6DoF system

Super 6DoF can operate with ScanArms that have up to a four-meter reach, allowing operators the versatility to reach previously obstructed features. Combining scanning attachments including FARO’s best-in-class FAROBluTM HD Laser Line Probe (LLP) and the recently-introduced PRIZM color LLP, adds even more functionality to the world’s most complete 6DoF solutions.


Best-in-class functionality

The integration of the new 6DoF probe with the most trusted large-scale, high-accuracy metrology solution – the Vantage Laser Tracker Family – offers users best-in-class:

  • Ease-of-Use: FARO ActiveSeekTM functionality prevents users from losing the laser when walking behind objects and/or obstructions as the Vantage continues to track the target after the beam is broken, reconnecting automatically when it reappears.
  • Ruggedness & Reliability: tested to rigorous International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards for shock, vibration and extreme thermal conditions and are IP52 rated for dust and water resistance.


Quick, simple & precise measurement

With the release of FARO ActiveSeek earlier this year and now with the 6Probe, users now have the most powerful, large-volume 3D measurement abilities to streamline the build and inspection processes.

6DoF Laser Tracker Technology

Dramatically increases versatility and efficiency by reaching more locations than just a standard Spherically-Mounted Retroreflector (SMR)



Patent-Pending ActiveSeek Feature

Quickly and efficiently locates and locks onto a target to allow the Vantage to follow a moving target, even behind obstacles.



The most cost-effective 6DoF solution

With often questionable performances and/or unreasonable price points of other 6DoF solutions on the market, FARO made it a significant focus to deliver the most cost-effective solution that still meets the demanding accuracy needs for the broader population of users and applications.

The powerful combination of 6DoF, ActiveSeek and Super 6DoF enables a new ease-of-use and affordable standard across the entire user industry.

Contact us to learn more on the technical spec, pricing and options and even schedule either an onsite or virtual demonstration!

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