JOIN US AT SPAR 3D! Live presentations on 3D reality-capture solutions

May 29, 2018

BuildIT Construction Application

The SPAR 3D Expo & Conference is your opportunity to dive deeper into the future of 3D technology — from sensing to processing to visualization.

You’re going to not only learn what is changing and developing in the way you manage your AEC projects, but to also discover how you can leverage these developments to improve your business.

How to make the most of your trip to SPAR 3D

We invite you to booth #411 to attend LIVE, 15-minute presentations everyday, up to 5x a day that will help you learn how to maximize the acquisition and application of data at every point of the building lifecycle.

At the booth we will introducing Traceable Construction™ — solutions designed to accelerate processes, reduce project costs and waste and enable higher added value over the project schedule.

Visit the FARO booth at SPAR 3D to experience the latest in 3D reality technology solutions that allow you to augment the building, infrastructure and industrial facility management lifecycle.


Anaheim Convention Center   |   Anaheim, CA   |   June 5-7


Featured at the booth

Perform immediate, real-time build & verify analysis throughout your project lifecycle

There is a new software that leverages the most modern 3D metrology technology to deliver superior management of all quality assurance / quality control (QA/QC) processes for AEC professionals. It’s called FARO® BuildIT Construction – a comprehensive building lifecycle verification software allowing for continuous project management with real-time comparisons against CAD designs through 3D scan data.

Discover how you can assess everything from wall plumbness/flatness to missing object identification, volume computation, adjacent building monitoring and much more!

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