CAM2 2018: First & only 3D measurement software optimized for FARO products

April 11, 2018
CAM2® 2018 3D Measurement Software Platform – First & Only Measurement Software Optimized for FARO ProductsThe FARO® CAM2®  2018 software platform has been specifically designed to enable users to realize the highest value and level of performance with all FARO metrology products across the automotive, aerospace, machine tools and metal fabrication industries. CAM2 2018 elevates the end user experience through a seamless integration with FARO portable coordinate measuring machine products, an advanced user interface that streamlines and simplifies most inspection activities and new reporting dashboards that facilitate short cycle, actionable intelligence.

Optimized Value of FARO Hardware

CAM2® 2018 is uniquely optimized to support FARO’s portfolio of metrology hardware solutions and ensures maximum feature integration

Only FARO CAM2 2018 is uniquely optimized to support FARO’s portfolio of metrology hardware solutions and ensures maximum feature integration.

CAM2 2018 is a tightly integrated software platform for the entire FARO measurement product portfolio driven by extensive feedback from both users of previous generations of CAM2 and other third party metrology software platforms. As such, it ensures that our customers are able to uniquely leverage the full range of FARO hardware features/functionality, now and also in the future, through updates for the most current software versions and patches. Additionally, both the software and hardware are supported by the market leading FARO customer service organization in addition to the extensive online self-help FARO Knowledge Base (

Improved Quality Control through Repeat Part Management

FARO® CAM2® 2018 introduces the innovative Repeat Part Management (RPM) Control Station for easy inspection of guided and controlled part routines that can be shared anywhere across your enterprise.

CAM2 2018 now includes Repeat Part Management (RPM) functionality for easy production implementation and minimum training. This smart tool enables a specific inspection process to be designed once and then repeated and executed by anyone on the factory floor. Accordingly, this ensures resource efficient, consistent oversight and quality control of inspection routines without the need to have highly skilled metrology professionals drive and manage the process.

Accelerated Actionable Insight

FARO CAM2 features the “RPM (Repeat Part Management) Control Center” which delivers real-time information from a web-based dashboard that can be utilized for actionable manufacturing insight.

CAM2 2018 features integrated web-based dashboard reporting that delivers real time inspection results and insightful trend analysis in a user-friendly set of adaptable visual reports. The RPM Control Center information can be shared across the organization in real time and accelerate the ability to take immediate corrective action.

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