3D color point cloud, now available for Quantum ScanArms

August 20, 2018

Following last week’s product release, the new FARO® PRIZM Laser Line Probe has now been adapted to the full FARO Quantum ScanArm series.

PRIZM is the first Laser Line Probe (LLP) with the ability to scan in high-resolution, 3D color for manufacturing inspection.

PRIZM has certified accuracy for the most demanding metrology challenges. The high-resolution, 3D color scanning allowing users to view, inspect and manipulate rich and detailed 3D color point cloud models of parts or assemblies.

Ideal Uses in Dimensional & Qualitative Inspection

The Quantum combined with the PRIZM LLP provides the high fidelity required for accurate color point cloud data captures and is ideally suited for inspections where color data and visualization of surface texture are essential for analysis and documentation. This includes:

  • Inspecting molded parts where color and texture are a critical requirement
  • Identifying splits on stamped sheet metal not detectable with existing technology
  • Extracting fine details such as weld marks, grinding marks, sandblasting, machining patters and even text

The true-to-life color scan output enhances productivity by being able to capture dimensional and surface character quality issues that, otherwise, would slow the production process.

Tailored to Your Measurement Needs

With the introduction of PRIZM, FARO offers a best-in-class Laser Line Probe portfolio to meet any measurement application. Through simple plug-and-play, both the FAROBluTM LLP and PRIZM LLP attach to the FARO Quantum FaroArm® to create an all-in-one measurement solution. This innovation continues the FARO tradition of delivering maximum measurement consistency for both direct-to-parts contact and non-contact requirements in every working environment.

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