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Prefabrication — the next evolution in construction [e-book]

June 12, 2019

New and emerging 3D technologies are impacting nearly every industry — from aerospace to utilities — and construction is no exception. Now more than ever, efficient workflow, accurate risk management and shortened timelines are the new foundations (pun greatly intended) of any construction project.

While industry change is often incremental, the opportunities of 3D prefabrication are accelerating the pace exponentially. With contractors and administrators looking to double the labor hours invested in prefab manufacturing within the next five years, it's time to get familiar with how prefab is going to change the construction landscape in the near future.

What to expect in this e-book

There are several aspects of prefabrication that must be addressed before a company knows it's appropriate for adoption. Our new e-book examines the benefits, challenges and outcomes involved in adopting prefab manufacturing.

Some of what's covered:

  • Embracing early planning as a non-negotiable
  • Managing concurrent multi-trade collaboration
  • Bridging the prefab knowledge gap
  • Tips and tools to help you take on prefab
  • Recent case examples

“This technology has opened the door to new clients and new projects previously out of reach. We can now take detailed measurements of large sites and industrial facilities and be confident in this data as the starting point for our design. Clients and contractors have noticed a huge benefit in a major reduction in rework and field fitting prefabricated items.”

3rd Party Verified Customer Survey Response from FARO 2017 Construction BIM Survey

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