Why Metrology is Nothing to Fear for SMBs

November 10, 2020

From seasonal hurricanes and tornados, to blockbuster winter storms, meteorology can pack a punch – so much so that even the word itself can sometimes be feared. But there’s another word in the English language that sounds a lot like meteorology that also sends shivers down peoples' spines but it shouldn’t: metrology.

Today, thanks to advanced 3D hardware and software solutions, metrology has become an easy, straightforward applied science. Especially when compared to accuracy-challenged hand tools, bulky fixed coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and similar products, operators can measure anytime, anywhere, including while the part is still on the machine producing it. Not only that, but businesses that adopt such metrology solutions (and their clients) will benefit by having a permanent digital record of the inspection report. Transparency and efficiency at its finest.

Read on to gain an overview of how some of these cutting-edge products work and how they can help drive revenue and efficiency gains across your entire business. Likewise, allay any lingering trepidation by learning about the most common technology adoption fears.

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