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Customer roundtable: leveraging the SCENE evolution [webinar]

March 25, 2019

On-site registration, moving object filters, textured meshing, oh my! These experts have SEEN what SCENE can do, and now so can you.

FARO® SCENE 2019 is an example of what listening to your customers looks like.

During the past two years, SCENE Software has gone through significant developments, brought on by continued feedback from our customers on how processing software should enable simplification of 3D reality data capture in the field as well as in the office.

Customers drove the evolution of SCENE, so makes sense we'd have them join us to host this webinar!

Presented by experienced FARO sales engineers and real customers, this webinar will dive into the details of the most recent enhancements from SCENE 2019 and practical use of all new features. You'll also hear from true users of the software to learn the benefits and best practices to leverage and bring more automation and simplicity to your workflows.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • On-site registration
  • Laser-HDR™ imaging
  • Moving object filters
  • Virtual reality
  • Textured meshing
  • Classic vs. new interface
  • Targeting
  • Photo retakes
  • SCENE WebShare Cloud
  • Processing improvements
  • Firmware updates
  • And more!

Meet our roundtable experts:

Forte and Tablada - Jonathan Coco
A consulting engineering and land surveying firm specializing in civil, structural, environmental, and electrical engineering and land surveying.

Onsite3D - Kyle Pickering
A virtual design and construction firm specialized in 3D laser scanning engineering plus data management for accurate models of existing assets through the full lifecycle of a project.

SiteBIM - Leslie Boyer & Kevin Boyer
An "as-is" BIM modelling service provider, using the latest in 3D laser scanning to obtain site measurements of all environment conditions in greater detail.

FARO Technologies - Duane Doucet & Cutter Shea
Provider of Traceable Construction, 3D measurement and data analysis solutions - from on-site capture, as-built model and design, design layout, quality control and easy data sharing.

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