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Virtual Worlds Creating a New VFX Digital World Thru 3D Laser Scanning [webinar]

November 18, 2020

This webinar is focused on how media & film professionals use laser scanning for creating digital worlds for the entertainment industry.

Laser scanning has become an ideal solution for both VFX and VR companies looking for more accurate, faster ways of digitizing the real world.

Our new normal in COVID times also restricts much of the work TV and film companies are doing, meaning laser scanning is becoming even a stronger alternative to replicating scenery to import in virtual sets.

FARO® interviewed a VFX professional, heavily involved in the TV and film industry, and also a VR environment specialist to discuss best practices and how they have successfully implemented this technology for virtual deliverables.

Watch this on-demand webinar to:

  • Discover what goes on behind the scenes of TV and film productions.
  • Create these immensely detailed digital environments and special effects.
  • Understand what software platforms are needed to work with point clouds.

Meet the presenters: 

Matthew Davies |Account Manager – FARO Technologies 

Matthew joined FARO in April 2019 with an extensive background in metrology applications, product management, and global sales and marketing.

Craig Crane  |  Motion Associates 

Craig is an established VFX artist and Lidar specialist. Owner of Motion Associates Ltd in the UK, providers of cutting edge Industry-leading on-set Lidar scanning for VFX. Motion Associates was set up to level the playing field and provide unparalleled lidar scanning, with super fast delivery times.

Alex Harvey |  Co-founder and Creative Director – RiVR

Following a successful career in creating high end commercial trailers in the gaming industry for Codemasters, Alex became a CAA approved drone pilot and created a videography company.

Based in Southam, Warwickshire the company gained a reputation for high end video production with a team of highly skilled individuals committed to push the boundaries of development of virtual reality.

RiVR is an international brand with recognition for being one of the leading companies in the world in creating photo realistic roomscale, interactive training environments.

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