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Unrivaled new portable 3D measurement solution for production floor [webinar]

July 21, 2020

Learn how to improve measurement efficiency and inspect parts while they are still on the machine.

Advance beyond fixed CMMs and hand measurement tools

How would you like fast, repeatable, and extremely accurate measurement of complex shapes? What if you could overcome inspection bottlenecks? What if you could easily complete inspections right on the production floor and right on the machine that produces them?

During this webinar you will learn how to do all of these things – and more – to maximize your productivity, flexibility, and return on investment.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • The growing need to move inspection out to the production floor
  • Why portability and speed matter
  • How to reduce inspection and production bottlenecks
  • How to meet your customers’ most demanding accuracy specs
  • How to affordably overcome the limitations of fixed CMMs
  • How to measure complicated parts faster than with hand tools and as accurately as a fixed CMM

So what’s the solution? The all new and highly-affordable Gage FaroArm® – intended for applications ranging from small machine shops to huge manufacturers who need to perform accurate inspections.

Orlando Perez | Director of Product Marketing, FARO® Technologies, Inc.

Orlando has over 20 years of experience in portable 3D metrology and FARO’s portfolio of products. He began his career as an applications engineer, gaining a deep understanding of portable metrology applications and customer requirements. Later on, Orlando became a product manager for the FaroArm product line, using hands-on experience and knowledge of market needs to contribute to the continuous improvement and evolution of CMMs.

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